Original Caramel Corn Gift Tin - 1 lb. Gift Tin

SKU #R19105
Vande Walle's award-winning gourmet caramel corn is the finest-quality caramel corn available. It starts with freshly popped extra-large kernel popcorn harvested from the Corn Belt of the United States. We use this premium popcorn because the kernels pop extra big, which makes a great tasting, crunchy caramel corn. Next, our caramel is cooked slowly, in small batches, under the watchful eye of a skilled candy maker, to ensure quality. Our rich caramel is made with the finest ingredients, including Wisconsin Grade A butter, just like you would make it at home. Finally, our caramel corn is stirred by hand to cool it and packaged immediately to guarantee you receive the freshest, best-tasting caramel corn you have ever had.
Shipping Weight: 1.3 lbs


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