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At Vande Walle's Candies we are thankful for the success that we have had in our community. As a family business we feel that it is important to give back to the people who have generously supported us over the years.

We are a small family business and while we would love to give to all, it is simply not feasible. Due to the large number of requests that we receive, we can only make a limited number of in-kind donations. We must limit our donations to local Fox Valley organizations only.

Donation requests must be made at least one month prior to your event. Due to extremely high business volume, we are not able to process donation requests between November 10th and New Year's Day, the week prior to Valentine's Day and the week prior to Easter.

In requesting a donation please fill out our online Donation Request Form.

Please do not call. We will contact you via email to make pick up arrangements if we decide we are able to support your cause. All donations can be picked up at our retail store up to 10 days before your event.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at Thank you.

Online Donation Request Form

Vande Walle's Candies strives to be a good corporate citizen. It is our chosen responsibility to make contributions that strengthen the health, social, educational and cultural fabric of this community. We recognize there are many causes worthy of support, but choose to focus our resources in a few areas we feel will have the greatest impact.

Thank you for filling out this request form. It helps us greatly with our decision making and record keeping. We appreciate your time in assisting us to make effective decisions towards the betterment of our community.

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Please understand that the more lead time we are given to consider your request, the greater the chances that we can find some way to help you. We typically receive numerous requests daily, and while we would like to assist every group, our resources are limited.

We strive to acknowledge every request by email, and will do our best to have an answer for you within 2 weeks of receiving this completed form. If you do not hear back from us, chances are that we will not be contributing to your cause at this time.

Thank you.


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