Vande Walle's Specialties

Angelfood Candy

Heavenly Angelfood Candy, sometimes referred to as "food of the gods", is the one candy that we are most known for.

Typically a Christmas holiday confection, our Heavenly Angelfood Candy has become so popular that we now make it about 8 months a year. It is only during the rainy summer months that production is forced to stop.

The soft, light and airy honeycomb textured center is completely enrobed in either our rich milk chocolate or luscious dark chocolate. The center is so light and airy that it melts in your mouth faster than the chocolate -- no chewing required on this heavenly confection!

Packaged in convenient 1/2 lb. bags, as well as 1/2 lb. and 1 lb. gift boxes, this delightful confection will definitely please. One taste and you'll know why this is the confection that they all rave about, and keep coming back for more.

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Wrapped Caramels

"Award-winning" wrapped caramels is another of Vande Walle's Candies hallmark confections that has been a true standout year after year. Soft and chewy, these caramels are made in small batched using time tested methods and only the finest of ingredients. Grandma Vande Walle made caramels just like these in her kitchen, and cut and wrapped each delicious golden nugget in waxed paper.

Well, that tradition continues to this day. The delicious golden brown caramels are still made in small batches daily, cooked to perfection, and poured out to cool in pans. The caramels are then cut and individually wrapped in waxed paper. Grandma would be proud.

Packaged in 4 oz. 8 oz, and 1-lb. packages, there is a size and flavor for everyone.

Hand Crafted Truffles

Combining on the finest of ingredients in small batches, our skilled candy makers create truffles of extraordinary taste and texture daily. Each truffle is hand crafted using traditional recipes from fine Belgian and European chocolatiers handed down over the generations.

Packaged in a variety of sizes and delightful package styles, these truffles and other hand crafted confections are increasingly being chosen by discriminating chocolate lovers as their first choice for true confectionery pleasure.

Chocolate Candy Pieces